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How Much Does Mobile Home Insurance Cost?

How Much Does Mobile Home Insurance Cost?


In this article, we will inform you about the estimated cost of mobile home insurances. Please note that the insurance costs may vary depending on the area you choose to live or the insurance company you prefer.

Mobile homes are the new solution for some regions of the United States, which are usually vulnerable to different natural disaster in certain periods of the year. These houses are also known as manufactured houses and they are delivered to the end-user directly from the manufacturer. Unlike traditional insurances, these special houses require a special insurance type that is known as mobile home insurance.

What Is Mobile Home Insurance?

Many people believe that there is no difference between home insurance and mobile home insurance. In fact, everything seems the same at the first glance but when you start to read the policies, you are going to figure out some contrast between them.

The main reason why mobile home insurances are different then the traditional home insurances is the fact that these mobile houses are built with lighter materials. As we mentioned before, these houses are manufactured in factories and then transported to the destination.

This is why these lighter materials may get damage easier when compared to the regular houses. They can also easily torn apart with mild natural disasters which bear more risk to the mobile home insurance companies. To learn more “What Is Mobile Home Insurance?” review our article.

Why Should You Pay for Mobile Home Insurance?

These mobile houses will be brought to your land by the manufacturer and unlike traditional houses, these homes require less or no foundation of the building. This is a serious danger in terms of the durableness of the house.

In addition to these, homeowners have a liability against their environment and neighbors. Any damage that may be caused by your mobile home may get you in trouble with your neighbors or government. These are the main reasons why you should prefer mobile home insurance as soon as possible.

What Do Mobile Home Insurances Cover?

Like the traditional home insurances, mobile home insurances cover some of the main protection components. These are;

1.    Property Coverage

This will protect your mobile home as a whole against various natural disasters such as fire, flood, and so on.

2.    Liability Coverage

This will protect you against claims or lawsuits you which may be caused as a result of the collateral damage.

3.    Contents Coverage

This will protect your goods in your home in case of any natural disaster or damage.

In our “Mobile Home Insurance Scope Options” article, you can examine the options in more detail.

In addition to these 3 main headlines in mobile home insurance, you can prefer the compensation type. You can either prefer actual cash value (where the mobile home insurance company will compensate your loss in cash) or replacement value (where your goods will be replaced with the brand new ones).

How Much Mobile Home Insurance Costs?

Before providing the estimated cost of mobile home insurances, we need to emphasize that there are many different factors which will affect the cost. These include the state you reside, the mobile home insurancecompany you prefer, the limitations you prefer in your policy, the size and value of your home. However, in general, mobile home insurances cost between $300 to $1000 yearly. As you can pay this cost with a single payment, you can also prefer the installments.

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