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Mobile Home Insurance in Florida

Mobile Home Insurance in Florida

The mobile home is a practical choice in Florida thanks to its cost effective and warm weather conditions. According to the Florida Motorway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department, one in every three built in Florida is a mobile or manufactured house. These houses are over $ 37 billion. Before you buy a mobile home or live another day at a non-insured mobile home, it is important to know the following:

What will be the scope of mobile home insurance?

One of the most common questions asked by mobile and manufactured homeowners is what happens under such insurance. While the details of each policy vary depending on the company you choose to cover, you’ll typically find that mobile home insurance in Florida is common when:

Pocket or Construction Coverage

One of the standard types of coverage when buying mobile home insurance in Florida is your home, as well as your home or any structure that might be on your property, such as a porch. In most cases, these structures will cover wind, fire, lightning, falling objects, and more. However, remember that your mobile home will probably not be handled in this process if it is moved from the property.

Coverage for Your Personal Property

You will also find that a basic policy will cover your personal property. This includes any feature found in any structure, such as your home or shelter. Some policies may also cover properties that are stored away from your home, but may have a lower coverage limit or are not insured against any danger.

Scope for Personal Responsibility

You will also notice that this policy will cover any liability when an accident occurs on your property. Accidents can definitely occur, and if someone is intentionally injured or damaged, they will be covered by your policy. For example, if you have a party and a guest receipt by breaking the arms of the lawn, your mobile home insurance policy will cover the injury.

Note that there are some things that a standard policy, such as flooding, will not cover. Be sure to look at optional coverage to ensure that your home is fully protected.

Why Do You Need to Be Protected?

Florida is prone to hurricanes and tropical storms every year. While a mobile home will look good for winds and storms, no structure is completely safe without being damaged. In 1994, when Hurricane Andrew hit Florida, insurance companies damaged more than $ 15 billion. However, even more intimidating, non-insured homeowners have estimates of spending more than $ 50 billion across the state.

The question the homeowners need to ask themselves is to spend a small amount of money each month to protect their homes or thousands of people when the next hurricane hits the Sunshine State. If you want to learn more about mobile home insurance in Florida and a requirement for all owners, it is important that you contact an insurance company in the region for a quote.

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