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What to Know About Mobile Home Insurance

What to Know About Mobile Home Insurance

If you are thinking about buying a mobile house, it is essential that you know that you will also have to purchase a home insurance for it. A policy that, like this type of housing, will have its own peculiarities. We tell you all the aspects that you should take into account so that you know how to choose knowingly.

More and more people are deciding to buy a mobile house, either as a first home or as a second home. The objective is to enjoy a more economical home but that has all the advantages, comforts and security of a conventional. In addition to the price, the lower environmental impact, personalization and short delivery times are characteristics that make this type of residences very attractive.

But let’s go with a bit of history; the first mobile models date back two centuries (1830) and date back to the Industrial Revolution. It was then that British carpenter John Manning devised the portable wooden colonial house; an invention that enjoyed great acceptance among the public that emigrated to the British colonies. In 1940 the mobile houses became part of the products of a company dedicated to the sale by catalog in the United States, Sears Roebuck who began to offer from mansions to small holiday homes.

Secure your mobile house

To insure any type of house, the insurance company will value a series of characteristics such as square meters, year of construction, location, use, protective measures, and construction materials, among others. Regarding the latter, we must bear in mind that they are more unusual than usual, the reason why, for example, obtaining insurance for wooden houses is going to be a more complicated task.

In fact, most insurers consider it a risk and they may avoid you. But, we find the positive note of the insurance for mobile houses. Yes, there are companies in the market that will assure you and even a few that have created a specific policy for mobile houses.

Obviously, you will have less complicated if you are a customer with other insurance. Anyway, the normal thing is that you demand in your insurance basic covers such as continent and content, fire, electrical damage, inclement weather (rain, snow, stone or wind), flood, water damage, theft, glass breakage, acts of vandalism or theft.

Also, in the event that you decide to rent your mobile house, we recommend that you hire the Civil Liability as owner. This will cover certain risks for the damage that the tenant can do on your property.

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