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Why Should I Buy Mobile Home Insurance?

Why Should I Buy Mobile Home Insurance?

Your mobile home is a very expensive asset that you want to insure properly. Whether you use your mobile home for permanent residence, recreational use or (partial) rental, the mobile home insurance offers you financial security in case of damage. Damage caused by theft, fire, and storm is automatically insured. Optionally, you insure external calamities and damage caused by hidden defects via our mobile home insurance.

Mobile home insurance including inventory and luggage

If you want to insure your inventory and travel luggage, you can do so on the mobile home insurance. You are insured for damage to travel luggage and inventory as a result of, for example, theft, loss, fire, lightning strike, and short circuit. You can choose a very complete mobile home insurance with which your property is well protected in case of financial damage.

Independent comparison on price and quality

You can freely make a contribution comparison between many insurances. Office makes an independent preselection of companies. In the preselection of the mobile home insurance, not only the lowest premium is important. We also pay attention to comprehensive policy conditions, excellent coverage and limited deductible. We want to give you good advice in the first place. That is why we offer a selection of the best companies. You can compare the mobile home insurance yourself on price and quality.

mobile home insurance policy is very important when you are in possession of a mobile home. This insurance ensures that you are always well covered when you are faced with calamities. However, when we talk about mobile home insurance, we are talking about the mobile home itself. It is also important to think about all the personal belongings that are in the mobile home. In short, you want to be optimally insured in case something happens to your mobile home and/or belongings.

Note: If you want to take out a mobile home insurance policy, you must provide the postcode of the location of your mobile home. Your mobile home insurance will only be accepted once the fixed location is known.

Choose for your mobile home insurance for coverage based on new value or daily value. In the event of theft or fire, you will receive the daily value or new value. We advise to insure mobile homes up to five years old on the basis of new value. For mobile homes that are older than five years, we recommend mobile home insurance based on daily value.

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